Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Can a Powder Ever Be Worth £23?

I'm a dewy finish kinda girl. I love the beautiful glow, sheen, radiance- whatever you call it, my natural skin is dull as anything and a glow is what brightens my day. This means that the makeup 'rule' of always powdering doesn't really appeal to me. I hate the matte look, and that's what pretty much all powders claim to deliver. However, the mineralized claims of the MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural made me think that maybe, just maybe, there'll be a difference.

It definitively mattifies me, although hearing reviews from oily skinned girls this isn't oil controlling enough. So for dryies like me, it's just enough, but for oily skinned it probably won't be enough. Fair do's. This gives a slight amount of coverage without being too OTT or at all cakey.

If you're a matte finish, dry skinned girl then this is for you, or if you want a glowy finish and you're more oily, then this is also for you. It's just the price that puts me off a bit. £23 is just so excessive for powder, considering there's such cheaper options. I probably wouldn't repurchase because I just can't justify the price. The things you can buy with £23, a face powder just isn't it...

You could buy 26 packs of Tescos Bubblegum Fizzy Bottles for that. C'mon.

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