Monday, 1 September 2014

When To Say NO To A Sponsored Post

When To Say NO To A Sponsored Post

Have you ever done a sponsored post?

Sponsored posts are a fantastic way to share information with your blog followers, and earn a bit of compensation whilst you're at it. I've done a sponsored post before and thoroughly enjoyed it, the topic I addressed was in my interest and I loved it.

But when do you draw the line? I'm sure we've all had companies come to us with ideas, and sometimes they just don't tick your criteria. I've turned down 70% of opportunities I get, because really, I don't want to take that path.

I'm not a professional, or a blogging expert, but here's my take on when NO is the answer to a sponsored post.

When To Say NO To A Sponsored Post


...the e-mail is pushy, forcing you to do the post. No one should feel forced to write something the don't want to write. It's YOUR blog, and remember you own it. disagree with the brand. You can take this to whatever extent you want, but personally, if I wouldn't use the brand it's a bye-bye birdie from me.

...they give rules. Again, your shout, but a few 'please mention this, this and this' in the post is okay with me, but rules about specific word counts, this in bold, this in this font, this picture, this's not up for me.

...the language is extremely basic or bad English. Dodgier companies usually have poor English and I try to filter through the e-mails where they're a bit un-classy and not very professional as it echoes a bad brand.

...they won't send money via PayPal. Money is getting involved here, and that's dangerous, so make sure you get your money in a safe environment. If they won't send money via PayPal, I don't go near it with a ten foot pole.

...they won't give you a fixed price. I've had companies say that I write the post and the pay reflects the quality of the writing. They could be paying you £2 for all you know. It's a no from me.

...not very flexible. If you want to post the sponsored post when you get back from your holiday, fit it in with your schedule. They can't dictate when you post it, and you shouldn't feel pressured to.

When To Say NO To A Sponsored Post

I'd be interested to hear your experiences with sponsored posts in the comments, especially the opportunities you've thrown in the dustbin with no hesitation.

I don't mind sponsored posts, but it's all about thinking about what you're doing and why. Don't risk loosing your followers, your blog or even your money!

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