Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Rihanna Rebelle...The Winter Fragrance That's Not Spicy

Rihanna Rebelle Perfume Review
Rihanna Rebelle Perfume Review
Rihanna Rebelle Perfume Review

With Christmas fast approaching, stocking fillers and gifts are starting to float around the shop shelves and the question of 'what would they like for Christmas?' greeting your brain every time you talk to a friend/college/family member, most people appreciate a bit of help with recommendations on what to wrap in the jolly paper in December.

Last Christmas (I gave you my heart...) I received this perfume in a set with a body lotion and shower gel. It's Rihanna Rebelle Perfume, and at £22.40 I thought some people may appreciate my opinions, considering it's such a suable gift for someone.

I...love it. Rihanna Rebelle's a very 'warm' fragrance, but not spicy. Think autumn/winter smells, but nada ginger or cinnamon. Not crazy sweet, but it's there a bit considering no spice makes an appearance. Of course it's wearable all year round, sin embargo I think it's much more suited for the coder months. Which, in England is about 10 months of the year.

The bottle's pretty and suits the fragrance, and lovely enough for perfumes in that budget range. I think the smell is perfect for teenagers too, very sophisticated as it's not floral at all and not sickly sweet, without being at all...sexy or provocative.

Celebrity perfumes? They may say they're tacky. But they smell God-damn gorgeous sometimes.

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