Monday, 22 December 2014

The Lipstick I Can't Live Without

I'm a nude lipstick girl. I'm fifteen and anything beyond a dark pinky nude is a bit too full on for me. Of course I'll wear other colours, but there's one shade which I go to all the time, and that's nude. But it's not just the general nude area I go to- there's one lipstick which I just can't get enough of.

Enter Rimmel's Moisture Renew lisptick in "Nude Delight". With an unbelievably rich, opaque colour and gorgeous moisturising consistency that doesn't feel wishywashy, it really is a staple in my lipstick drawer.

I find this colour a nude, pure nude, but orange toned making it incredibly wearable and warming. The finish is slightly glossy but not sheeny shiny, so it doesn't make you look dead like some nudes do. It glides on so well and doesn't feather or go patchy. It also lasts so well, amazing for a drugstore lippie and a moisturising one at that.

I have nothing bad to say about this lipstick- it really is a wonder in a tube and for £6.49 I'll be repurchasing it over and over again. If you suffer with dry lips, or even just want a rich, pigmented lipstick that won't break the bank, then check this out. Of course they stock other colours and I'm sure there's something that'll suit everyone.

I love, love, love this lipstick and cannot hype about it enough!

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