Friday, 21 November 2014

Things To Blog When You Haven't Got A Camera

Things To Blog When You Haven't Got A Camera

Tech noobs at the ready. My camera has been acting like a *beep* and I can't wait to get it sorted. I've ordered the Canon 550d for a good price and I'm going to sell it and then hopefully get the Canon 600d...eek.

In the meantime, I've been struggling a bit with what to blog when you haven't got a camera, and I've become quite a pro at it. So I thought, maybe, just maybe, I should share that everlasting knowledge with all of you and maybe help you when your camera decides to say no-no too.


♥ Wishlists. You can have great fun creating a wishlist on places such as picmonkey, and they're really great to make at this time of year so you can collect up everything you want from Mr Santa.

♥ History Posts. Hair History. Eyebrow History. The possibilities are broad; it may take a lot of cringing (my eyebrows in 2012...cripes) but it's really interesting to read. I know I LOVE seeing the pencil thin brows and the crimped afro hair from you lot.

♥ Collection posts. If you've done loads of Benefit reviews on your blog, or literally splashed out on every mascara in the world and have pictures of them already from reviews etc. then just bundle them all up and make one long 'Rimmel- The Best & Worst' or the like.

♥ Chatty posts. Chit chat about your life, what's going on and what's bugging you. Nick a picture from weheartit and you're good to go publish.

♥ Techy posts. We all love a bit of technology, and if you've got any cool tutorials that you think everyone will find fab, then share it!

I hope you enjoyed my tips and do leave your ideas for when you're camera-less bellow!

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